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l i t t e r  «S» Date of Birth — Feb 11, 2020

pedigree of the litter

Sire — Umi Naomi Neko Kitami, MCO ns 03 25, HCM, SMA, PK — def — n/n

Mom — Jivanshi MCO fs 24

Kitten Maine Coon for sale, male 2

Nickname Eyktan SENATOR

color — ds 22

Status — Available.

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l i t t e r  «M» Date of Birth — Nov 30, 2019

pedigree of the litter

Sire — Eyktan YUCANNON, MCO d 03 22

Mom — Wariwat XENIA, MCO g 02

Kitten Maine Coon for sale female 2

Nickname Eyktan MY HEART

color — d 22 03

Status — Available.

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Eyktan профессиональный питомник кошек породы Maine Coon, купить котёнка Мейн-Кун, продажа котят Мейн-Кун, коты Мейн-Кун, кошки Мейн-Кун, продажа котят maine coon. Информация о породе мэйн-кун. Коты, кошки, котята мейн кун (Maine Coon). Продажа и резервирование котят.

The main task of breeding work of our cattery Eyktan is to obtain a healthy, strong offspring, the most appropriate standards of the Maine Coon breed.

All our cats live with us and are full members of our family and full owners of our big house. Our kittens are well socialized, loved and healthy. After moving our graduates to their new homes, we continue to be interested in their lives, keep in touch with their new parents. Photos about the life of our Pets from new owners we publish in the section «Graduates» and in social networks. networks.

Kittens leave our kennel at the age of not earlier than 12 weeks. Before that, they undergo preventive deworming, vaccinated against infectious diseases.

All kittens have a metric of origin, veterinary passport, contract of sale.

All kids leaving Eyktan cattery as «Pets » move to new owners already CASTRATED.

Free — kitten is looking for a new home.

Stays in cattery — the kitten remains in the cattery for breeding.

Reserve —  a Deposit has been made for the kitten. In case of refusal of the kitten, the Deposit is not refunded.

Option-kitten interested in, but perhaps he will is free.

Sold – the kitten has been paid in full the whole amount so he moved into a new house.

Before you reserve your favorite kitten, think carefully about the seriousness of your intentions.